31 October 2011


Quite simply boredom!!!

I am sitting in a meeting at work and am bored stiff... Filled with ennui!

30 October 2011


meaning producing or creating heat or warmth.

I was searching for the normal human body temperature (yes I'm still sick and wanted to know if I had a fever) and came across the word euthermia which is used to refer to having, being, or maintaining an optimal temperature. I really like this word because of the way it sounds and rolls around in ones mouth. So is your temperature euthermic?


Continuing on the cold theme comes the word addled! My brain feels like its full of wool and I'm not able to think properly :-(
One of the words that can be used to described wooly-headedness is addled meaning confused and vague; used especially of thinking; "muddleheaded ideas"; "your addled little brain"; "woolly thinking"; "woolly-headed ideas"


Writing from my bed where I have spent the last couple of days unable to sleep or breathe very easily I've been working on a few different things despite my head feeling like it's full on cotton wool. Anyway it all got me thinking about the word congest as I feel so congested :-(

Congest means

1. to crowd or become crowded to excess; overfill
2. (Medicine / Pathology) to overload or clog (an organ or part) with blood or (of an organ or part) to become overloaded or clogged with blood
3. (tr; usually passive) to block (the nose) with mucus

29 October 2011


According to wikipedia: any member of a group of drugs which is used to relieve pain.

Ginger, the delectable substance it be, belongs to this group; and ginger is to whom I turn when my head is swollen and blocked sinuses are just bringing me down. I'm not feeling this way right now, but my friend is!

Also, I just love the way the word sounds on my tongue. It's making me want to write some form of rhyme, but the only rhyme I can think of off the top of my head is paraplegic...

This post would also like to shout out to codeine, who got me through a smashed up face :)


Meaning sleepy/drowsy.

When I say/hear the word somnolent, it conjures up a picture of a someone lying idly on a couch drifting off into sleep. This person (in my head) always seems to be a couch potato and the type of person who always orders people around and never does anything for himself... It's interesting to note that though my imagery of the word matches the meaning somewhat, when you strip somnolent down to its basics all it really means is sleepy...

28 October 2011


To most, a precious gem;
the colour red;
that song that annoys everyone.

To me: The new bane of my life as I learn the language, and create a test-suite which automatically tests it. Ruby, ruby, ruby. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH. Count the "Arghs", they were in perfect beat with the song.

26 October 2011


Given to weeping or mournful/sad.

As I was driving home my iPod was on shuffle and the song Lacrymosa by Evanescence came on.
Though I don't particularly like the song, it made me start thinking about the word lachrymose and wondering if there would ever be a time when I would use it in a sentence.
I haven't yet (well until a couple seconds ago) but perhaps now I've reminded myself of its meaning I shall.. :-)


Philology is the "love of words". A beautiful word with a great meaning :-) a logophile is lover of words, or a word lover :-)


Even though I can say it, I can't spell it, so thanks to Wikipedia! I've been saying it for years just to annoy those people who can't. And now people will type it at me to show they can spell and I can't. What a vicious cycle.


Of, or occurring, every seven days. So applicable in every-week life that it's a wonder two days ago was the first time I ever came across it. Note I was searching for rhymes to *ary, and it came up with a few good 'uns.

Word Dynamo

This is a great game for any logophile. How many words do you know? Can you work out the meaning of the words you aren't sure of.

When you play this game it will show you an estimate of the total words you may know. My estimate is 50,065!


Did you know that zigzaggery is an actual word? It means the quality or state of being zigzag.  I just came across it while searching for something on the web and it caught my attention.  Zigzaggery, zigzaggery, zigzaggery... I love the sound of it :-)


Today I am being a slob! To me that conjures up images of wallowing around in a dirt encrusted place covered in filth and not motivated to get up and do anything... Now before you go thinking that my room is filthy and I am a mess let me refute that by saying all I really mean by calling myself a slob is that I'm lazing around in bed (I'm on half term) and haven't washed up my plate from lunch yet.

The actual definition is a slovenly, unattractive, and lazy person...


Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others

I know this is not an unusual word like the others we have posted so far, but this is one of the most evocative words for me. Is there anyone who can say the word supercilious without tipping their nose up to the sky? Just thinking the word makes me look upwards.

If there is a word similar to onomatopoeia where a word conjures up an image or makes you feel a certain way rather than sounding like the thing it means, then please let me know. :-)

25 October 2011


The longest non-technical word in the English language, floccinaucinihilipilification means the act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant, basically regarding something as worthless.

This word took me a while to remember and even longer to learn how to spell it (are you surprised?). The thing that fascinates me most about it is how this 29 letter word means something so small :-)


Someone who has metromania - an abnormal compulsion for writing verse.

I think that applies to many people I know, and it's a shame that Chrome will be failing to spell-check the majority of the words posted on here!


Given to using long words

Someone mentioned this word in a conversation many years ago and it has always stuck with me. I especially love how the syllables rolling off my tongue conjure up a feeling of the meaning of the word!